Enough of the "Whale Fucking is non-consensual" bullshit. A Humpback Whale weighs 70,000 pounds, is fifty feet long, can dive more than a quarter mile and can crush ships with a single swipe of its tail. If a human manages to fuck one, you damn well better believe it's consensual[.]

- John McAfee via Twitter, 2018-12-31

People are great, people are weird, people are people.. woah

What is Vore? [NSFW]
A deep look at perhaps one of the Internet's weirdest kinks.

Christine Chubbuck [NSFL]
A look at the life and death of Christine Chubbuck.

419: A Scammer's Life
Off their tits, Owly takes the time in asking a number of scammers a few questions.

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