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 |::.|:. |             |::.|:. | Issue 19
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This issue we have:
* Cats
* Uh, ASCII?
* A third thing 


Haha, guys, replace the "bus" in "bus stop" with
"fuck" haha, really funny joke.

Anyway, welcome back To AcidMail, to be honest
with you, I still have the bad taste of last
week's issue in my mouth, but o h  w e l l, we
are still going, so screw it. Sit your backside
down, read it, and also join our very nice (and
sexy) Discord server, over on at
https://neozones.club/discord :^)


First off, remember last week? If not, go check
it out, we linked to some ASCII art of a lil cat
that I'm just _sure_ you would like, well anyway,
this week we're going to do something completely

Nah, just kidding, we're just going to show you
some furry artwork, ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ nyaa~

: https://twitter.com/dydrkflqo/status/1186190153108189184
Sadly, it's no longer Halloween (unless you're
reading this on that date, you creep), but you
know what? It's Halloween where it matters... in
our hearts, and that's beautiful man, it really
is. uh. anyway. this art is cool.

: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/28667338
You know what? I think I'm in love - is it weird
for a person to feel this way for a cartoon cat?
I do not know, but does it matter? No.

Just look at this boyo, he do be sitting, and he
do be cute. This is more than love.

: https://twitter.com/MoozuaMary/status/1302204637454319616
When I was around 17, I was in a computering
class for ICT Level I, now keep in mind when I
write this, I knew a few programming languages
such as CSS, Batch, HTML (not a language, but
whatever) as well as knowing quite a lot about
computers, especially for my age, but I was still
put into the lowest set for my college. Now, for
my classes, it was SUPER easy, so easy that I am
willing to bet that anyone reading this now would
have an easy time doing it.

For my classes, I had to copy from a textbook
onto a computer, doing tasks like making a
PowerPoint, a word doc, etc. This was just coping
from a book onto the screen verbatim. No
imagination at all, it wasn't testing my
skills, and it was pointless for me to be there
at all, plus when I say "classes", I mean that it
was almost like a library where I would sit
around a room with a bunch of other people who
all went in at different times, not talking to
each other, not interacting.

During this time, I would mostly slack
off, drawing stuff in MS Paint (I remember making
this comic during class when I should have been
working https://owlman.neocities.org/comic/comic/10/)
and work on my website. Somedays I would do no
work at all, plus most I would get into class late
as you had to write your name on a
register, saying when you got in, so it was easy
to lie.

During these days, I started to read a lot of
Garfield comics (and when I say "a lot" I mean A
LOT), I started to get to know the lore of the
cast, understanding reoccurring jokes, and you
know what? It's funny that I would read Garfield
because even then, I didn't find it all that
funny at all, I think I just read it because it
was better than nothing, it was better than
boring work where I had to copy something from an
old book onto a computer _exacly_, word-for-word,
space-for-space as it appeared.

This story has no real moral to it, I guess
what I'm trying to say is that if you know stuff
about computering and you want to go into classes
for it, try and not get stuck in a class way
below your knowledge threshold.

Oh, also it is somehow fine (or at least for me)
to eat LOADS of candy from Poundland without
putting on any weight. Oh my God, all I would
live on for a short time in my life was fizzy
drinks and candy - how on Earth I would not get
any headaches or diabetes I still do not know.

I feel rather lucky that I stopped going to
school way before the whole COVID-19 crisis
became a thing, mostly because I know people who
still go to school and the whole idea of having
to have school classes over Zoom just brings a
new type of fear to me that I do not know how
to put into words - so good luck to anyone who
goes/went (depending on when you read this) to
school during the COVID-19 era.

: https://twitter.com/goma_lee/status/1296052252231127042
I did not know that I needed this, but looks like
I do. Just -- just look at them, oh my goodness.

: https://twitter.com/emailgh0st/status/1246501196287881216
Yep, well we all knew deep down that there needed
to be some art inspired by Louis Wein and here we
are, it's the Oingo Boingo cat but now in Animal
Crossing - this is wig, as I'm sure my friends
would say!

For next week's issue, man's oldest friend.


The ASCII of The Now (remember that?) is a...
a... ""weekly"" thing that we do that shows off
some (mostly) old art from the WWW that people
might not fully know or care all that much about.
Please enjoy at your own risk.

              /   = _\
             -|   n(0)_
            (_C   _c___)
               | >< |  n
              /  \/* \/)3
             (| /:|\ |/

             The Mayor

Well, here is some nifty ASCII of The Mayor from
The Powerpuff Girls, as found via The Internet
Archive's mirror of John Stachowicz's GeoCities
website, nice art!



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