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Hello there, well, welcome to Owly on NeoZones, perhaps one of the very reasons why so many people no longer want to use the Web anymore. Regardless, welcome to this hellhole, ran by one of the biggest twats in all of history, Cass Python - a person who has no idea at all about how to even drink water on their own, let along run a website. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but you will mostly press Ctrl + W a lot... but anyway... Welcome to this Website on the World Wide Web, here you can find some really boring things that you won't like.

Please take a rest, set up camp, and enjoy your stay here, young Internet search astronaut.

After Dark

A blog! It's a blog!

Owly's RSS Thoughts

My "unsocial-social network" that is basically just an RSS feed, follow for rubbish that comes to my mind every once-in-a-while or so. I also have a Mastodon that you can follow if you like, I do have other social networks, but I don't really use them, so is there even any point in linking to them?

My Favourite Texts, Reports, and Stories

A collection of texts that I have enjoyed reading over the years, some of them I would highly recommend reading.

Bite-sized Music Reviews

Short record reviews.

The Time Machine

Interesting items found on the Internet Archive.


A small way to thank people who have helped make this site in some way.

Other, Other Crap

This isn't my first website, not by a long shot, if you want to find more of a maze of a website, you can take a look at my Neocities site, a site that I worked on for well over four years. I know that I made it myself, but I am proud of the final product, so check it out!

Second off, because I'm off my tits on whatever the hip dr00gz the kidz take today, I also run OwlCity, a website that is made purely in HTML1 (version from 1991) with no CSS, JavaScript, or anything else to spice it up. The idea is that the website can run fine on any web browser that is thrown at it. It certainly doesn't have the best looking layout, but I think it is an interesting idea.