Our Discord

Do you want to chat with some really cool people? You don't? Well that's good, because that means you can hang around with the losers at the NeoZones Discord server, one of the only servers that matters! (Probably.) Eh, anyway, the server is the headquarters of "quality" and (of course) piss. Welcome to all, and try not the drink the water!

This server was made for friends and like-minded people to just simply chat about everyday things that they like from the world of ICT, cult movies, music, and more rubbish that we can have a fun time with.

We do have rules, but they are the same as most other servers; don't be a dick, don't spam, keep things in the correct channel, etc - the rules are so much alike all of the other servers out there that we won't really waste your time with them, simply, our rules are don't be rude to others and you should be okay.


Now go away.

$500 FINE for posting while stupid.