wake up babe new playlist just dropped

I had the idea for this one kickin' around for a while, and although I'd still consider it a late-stage work-in-progress at the moment, I'm thrilled to get this beastie out there for all 0 of my loyal fans who care about what the hell I do on Spotify. So, anyways. I'm formally thinking of calling it Eluned. Informally, however, as with most of my other my playlists, it bears an agonisingly stupid title, one I came up with precisely at the time of its creation (and it shows): "if you eat straight alka seltzer tablets is it like really bad pop rocks". What

This one ended up as what is essentially a 60s cesspool— an amalgamation of a few of my favorite genres, namely psychedelic, sunshine pop, a few different takes on classic rock, and, well... whatever the hell The Mysterians are up to. They're really just kind of their own thing.

Notable names and faces on this one include Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Creedence Clearwater Revival & The Association, so if you happen to like any of those, there's a chance you'll find somethin' new in here you might dig as well. Enjoy, or don't; either way it's out of my hands now.

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