"I hate getting to know you because it's all just shit like this" — Skib, 2020

I'm Moss, as per the site title here; I also go by Ev/Evan, Eóghan, "hey dipshit", Francis... nah, just kidding, no-one calls me Francis. Most people call me my deadname actually but I'm not gonna make it that easy on you, so if you wanna be weird about it you'll have to go find that one yourself.

I have wavering interests in miscellaneous literature, cryptogamology, pre-Raphaelite art and entomology, though my most consistent one over the years is without a doubt specimen preservation. I also collect stuff on occasion.

Mastodon: @moss

Discord: moss#6587

I really don't know what else to put here at the moment so here's a bunch of random facts about me: