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 |::.|:. |             |::.|:. | Issue 4
 `--- ---'             `--- ---' 2019-01-28



This issue we have:
* The Simpsons and censorship
* Le epic troll comics
* Plus more crappy links!


Here is a handy guide to all of the times where
The Simpsons had censorship cuts in them when
they aired in the UK. I (OwlMan) am aware of
quite a few of these cuts, as I am a bit of an
avid viewer and lover of the show. Most of these
cuts are not all that bad, but more annoying. A
fair bit of the cuts are removing curse words,
that in America aren't all that bad, but in the
UK are rather rude, such as cutting out the
words like "bastard", "boner", and "ass". There
are also a lot of times where the channel will
slow down a few frames when lightning is shown,
as to not cause any seizures among viewers.

Simpsons cuts: http://www.simpsoncrazy.com/ukcuts

I am also aware of other shows that were cut for
the UK, such as The Amazing World of Gumball,
that seemly had a new cut everyday, again, most
of the cuts on that show was due to language.

Gumball cuts:


A le rage comic website that is full of some
really unfunny comics from the past. A lot of
these comics are rather bad by today's standards,
seemly last updated in October 2017. You might
find some gems on here, or more likely
so-bad-it's good comics.



The ASCII of The Now is a weekly thing we do
where we dig threw the old archives of forgotten
websites, finding ASCII art that time forgot.

The AoTN for this week is of a teeny, tiny
mushroom made by Ilmari Karonen, published
seemly around the late 1990s. Looking at their
website, there isn't really all that much to say
about it apart from the ASCII art that was
found, however, Ilmari had seemed to make a
bookmark page, writing "This is my Lynx bookmark
file, mostly intended for my personal use only".
The bookmark page has some fun looking sites
linked on it, like The Pizza Hill, Top Ten HTML
Extensions, and Random Weirdness from the Net -
some very 90s looking sites.

                    j?7;. :
                   fclu:.` :
                  dE2Xvi;. `.
                      `; \
                 itz  .' ;
                    f .'
                    `. \



They say looking at TV will turn your eyes
square, that never happened to anyone we know, so
we guess that it would be fine to also browse the
web for 23-hours-a-day, Hell, if it won't for us
browsing the web so much, how would we have found
all of these links? Got you there, mom and dad!

Black Sabbath's very own fan club from
Deutschland, pure 90s bliss that has Sabbath
updates, the band's LP discography, along with an
odd page asking if the viewer knows anything
about a woman who when to "a Pearl Jam concert
somewhere in the USA in August/September 1996
or so".

Yes, despite it sounding like the end of a joke,
there do indeed seem to be people who are both
Christians *and* goths. This seems to be a
fairly new thing, starting at least from 2004.
It's certainly fine to be a Christian and a
goth, more power to them, but you got to
admit, it is a bit of an odd mix.

Check out the photos, looks like the people in
them were having a fun time, and that is all
that really matters.

From Santa Cruz in California, Deth Specula are
"a five-man, neo-bronto band" that have been on
the Web seemly since 1994. Their website is still
going strong, having links to their Bandcamp, and
that rocks, it even still has a cool 90s theme.
It's nice to see a band use an outdated theme,
rather than using a site layout that looks
exactly the same as the rest of the world.

You should check their stuff out, you might even
find-out that you like them!

    \ | /   
    /  _ _' 
    |_ * *  
      |_` \ 


AcidMail would not be possible if it won't for
the cocky people over at NeoZones, one of the
worst s0-called "webhome". To browse more bad
ideas by the NeoZone losers, check out their URL
over at: https://neozones.club

Do you have anything that you want to see in next
week's issue of AcidMail? Is it a link, a
comment, a short story, or some art? Well
whatever it is, E-Mail it to us, and we will
probably put it on the next issue (with
credit, of cause!)

If you have any questions, comments, or anything
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