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 |::.|:. |             |::.|:. | Issue 18
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NEWSLETTER: This newsletter will be sold as an NFT

This issue we have:
* I'm drunk on power!
* Art, art, art, art, art, art, art, etc, etc
* Make some tea, duhuhhhuu??


Hello there! Welcome to issue... issue 18? I
think of AcidMail, today we will be looking at
the usual shit that we always do, who cares? I
sure don't, anyway, be a good little girl for
mommy and leave me alone, mommy is trying to have
her special juice.

Why don't you put on the TV, hm? I'm sure
Adventure Time, or, uh, The Simpsons are on, why
don't you do that? Or even, if you want to be
extra good, why don't you sit down and read? Oh
heeey, you could read the new AcidMail :)


Originally being recorded in China since at least
59 BC, people have been enjoying drinking tea, no
other country enjoys tea as much as Britons,
however. Since the 18th century, the UK has been
the world's largest consumers, drinking an
average annual per capita supply of
1.9 kilograms.

Tea is easy to make, so do not be worried about
how to prepare it.

>> Ingredients
* Freshwater
* A tea bag, failing that, loose tea leaves can be used
* Milk, if you wish
* Sugar, if you wish

>> Directions
1. If you have a kettle, fill it up with water.
If the kettle already has water in it, make sure
that it is still fresh and has not been sitting
around for a while. Old water will affect the
taste of the tea.

If you do not have a kettle, you may substitute
it with something else, such as boiling the water
over a pan. A microwave may also be used, but
this is usually looked down upon as it can have
mixed results.

2. While the water is getting ready to
boil, place the tea itself in a drinking device,
such as a cup or mug - this is how tea is drunk
in the UK. If you wish to drink it the same way
as they do in China, you may use what is called
a gaiwan (also called a "zhong").

3. Once the water is at a boil, it should be
around 100°C (212°F). Turn the kettle off and you
may now place the water into your
drinking device.

4. If you wish, you may now place in as much milk
as you think you will like. Remember, the more
milk you use, the weaker the tea becomes!

You can also add sugar if you wish to make it
sweet, either way, once you have done (or have
not done) this, stir the tea with a spoon so that
it all goes into the hot water and becomes
mixed in.

5. Around two minutes or so after you have poured
the hot water into the drinking device, you may
remove the tea. If you have used a tea bag, you
may pick it up with the spoon and also squeeze
the tea itself on the side of the drinking device
as a way to drain it.

6. After you have done this, you may now enjoy
your drink, but make sure that it has cooled down
enough to drink. Note that in the UK, it is not
custom to drink the tea cold, rather hot.

>> Info
The text has been taken from git, being published
into the Public Domain. Please do not reheat your
tea in the microwave.

: https://github.com/dynTylluan/tea
: https://notabug.org/DynTylluan/tea


The ASCII of The Now (remember that?) is a...
a... ""weekly"" thing that we do that shows off
some (mostly) old art from the WWW that people
might not fully know or care all that much about.
Please enjoy at your own risk.

              m1a             __
               /\/\          //\\
              / o.o\--------//  `
              \__^_/         '|
                \        |   /
                | \ \-----\ \ \
                (_/\_\    (_/\_)

Cats - they're not as good as catboys, but they
will do... wait, does that sound creepy??

Um, anyway O_O' 

This weeks artwork is by m1a9366b and -- okay, I
just wanted to say that I didn't want it to sound
creepy or weird when I said that they were not as
good as catboys, I'm _not_ a weird person, OKAY??


Okay, good.

Uh, anyway, the artwork was made by m1a9366b,
who's website has been hosted on
.a.s.c.i.i.p.r.0.n. for a very long time now
(since around the year of our Lord 2000, from
what I understand by looking at the modified
information of some images on their site, so
it's cool to see such an old website still
alive after all of these years.



Ahhhhklsdgdeilf, yep, we've got some good links
that you should check out!!!11

: http://web.archive.org/web/20011024213857/http://www.vanillaice.com/cgi/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro&BypassCookie=true
Do you remember Vanilla Ice, the guy who
(according to John Nova Lomax of the Houston
Press) "set back the cause of white people in
hip-hop a decade" (Jesus Christ), well they had
their own internet forum that thanks to The
Internet Archive you can now browse.

Enjoy the Vanilla Ice Bulletin Board (as powered
by Infopop, oh wow!) from 2001.

: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/gravenimagecat
As well as being art nerds, we at NeoZones are
also a bunch of morbid fans, so this is right up
our ally. For the past however long, Christo
Pharaoh has been taking photos of carvings on
gravestones from the 1600s to 1800s in the New
England area. Looking at all of the carvings is
quite interesting, so that's why you should check
it out!

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km7VLiKuKDs
As filmed on Super-8 in 2019 on equipment from
1979, enjoy this footage of Scotiacon, a furry
convention recorded by DOUG the Eagle (a
long-time furry and also guy who co-made The Sky
May Be, an evil Doom mod from the late 90s).

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAWtLkjz5us
Review for the 1980s MLP movie that as of
writing, has fewer than 8,000 views on YouTube.
Really well made and throughout video, would be
a shame to miss out on this one - not much to
say, so chuck it ouuuut.issue17b

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORstGsJTHe0
Video showcasing examples of countries, as well
as governments and other servers used by other
public entities that have made their own
Minecraft world. Spoiler: Most of the time it
never ends well - oh dear!


You can feel free to contact us by going to our
really, really, really super amazing Discord
server, located over on
at https://neozones.club/discord where you can
feel free to send in any of your terrible ideas
for our perfect newslatter that millions of
people love to read.

The text on this page was written by Cass 'Owly'
Python and is released under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Have a nice night.