Paul is Dead

Cass Python, 2016-07-15
For as long as I can remember, I have always loved The Beatles, the first song that I heard from them was Day Tripper, but you're not here to read about my love for the band, you're here to learn about the Paul is Dead conspiracy. So with no more messing around, let's get right into it...

Right now is where I tell you the back story of how Paul "died", however, I found two stories about the car crash.

Nice Car (The two stories now meet) Paul was Officially Pronounced Dead on the scene. McCartney was then carried to a secret morgue. The rest of the band feared they would lose revenue due to the death of the most popular member.

The band soon hired William Stuart Campbell, who supposedly once won a McCartney look-alike contest.

There are some Notable Campbell's born around the same time as Paul McCartney (1942).

However, there are no people (that I could find) with the full name of William Stuart Campbell. So I can only guess that the man is not real.

On the 17th of September of '69 student newspaper of Drake University in Iowa (the Drake Times-Delphic) published an article claiming that there were clues that Paul was dead and that you could find them in Beatle music and artwork.

Some of the "clues" are...

There are many more "clues" that Paul is dead, but there is no time to tell them all.

What I don't get is why would The Beatles leave "clues" on their work, if they were trying to hide that Paul was dead, why would they leave "clues"?

Also, when John was killed, why did they not kill off the fake Paul? The Beatles were over.

How could they get a man who looks, talks, sings, walks etc like the real Paul?

Oh wait, I know!

Because Paul never died in the 20th century.